n.1.(Chem.) A salt of styphnic acid.
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22 cases that was non-explosive until exposed to water, whereupon a chemical reaction converted it to conventional lead styphnate (primer compound).
The primer itself is the basic lead styphnate that has low pressure but a high heat yield.
plant (with CCI primers because Federal can't make MIL-SPEC lead styphnate and FA956 mix) then shipped the cartridges to LCAAP (bulk packed) to be linked with LC Tracer and packed out for delivery.
Soon the T53 was replaced with the modern non-corrosive lead styphnate mix and designated FA 36 in 1958.
Most primers used in North America consist of lead styphnate (Pb) as an initiating explosive, barium nitrate (Ba) as an oxidizer, and antimony sulfide (Sb) as a fuel; therefore, a combination of these elements in a single particle proves very significant.
The primary ignition component is still based on lead styphnate, which is the standard primary explosive used in small arms primers, though Federal's formula is unique.
Liverpool Crown Court heard that Mrs Wilkins was working with lead styphnate, a sensitive primary explosive, in 2005 when she was killed.
Since the late-19th century, lead azide and lead styphnate have been used worldwide as the primary explosives of choice despite the accumulation of toxic lead in human tissues and the environment.
The boxer primers are nickel-plated brass as well, and lead styphnate is the primary explosive to ensure positive ignition.
New heavy-metal-free primers use a compound commonly known as Dinol to replace lead styphnate as the initiator.
Seventy-seven machine guns dwindled to four, and the unstable lead azide was transformed into lead styphnate, then lead picrate, a less dangerous compound.
The particles of lead strewn about by conventional primers, which have lead styphnate in them, are considered a health hazard, and OSHA will soon require lead-free primers.