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A colorless oily liquid, C8H8, having a penetrating odor; the monomer for polystyrene.

[Latin styrax, storax; see storax + -ene.]
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(Elements & Compounds) a colourless oily volatile flammable water-insoluble liquid made from ethylene and benzene. It is an unsaturated compound and readily polymerizes: used in making synthetic plastics and rubbers. Formula: C6H5CH:CH2. See also polystyrene
[C20: from styr(ax) + -ene]
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(ˈstaɪ rin, ˈstɪər in)

a colorless, water-insoluble liquid, C8H8, that copolymerizes with other materials to form synthetic rubbers.
[1880–85; < New Latin styr(ax) (see storax) + -ene]
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Noun1.styrene - a colorless oily liquid; the monomer for polystyrene
polystyrene - a polymer of styrene; a rigid transparent thermoplastic; "expanded polystyrene looks like a rigid white foam and is used as packing or insulation"
polyvinyl resin, vinyl polymer, vinyl resin - a thermoplastic derived by polymerization from compounds containing the vinyl group
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In the present work, an attempt to prepare nano-matrix-dispersed natural rubber from deproteinized natural rubber (DPNR) is performed with styrene or acrylonitrile as a monomer.
Graft-copolymerization of the DPNR latex was carried out with styrene or acrylonitrile as a monomer, using tert-butyl hydroperoxide with tetraethylenepentamine as an initiator.
Broad signals around 6-7 ppm were assigned to phenyl protons of styrene units, whose intensity was dependent upon the feed of styrene as a monomer.
In this study we examined estrogenic activity of styrene oligomers after metabolic activation by rat liver microsomes, trans-1,2-Diphenylcyclobutane (TCB), cis-1,2-diphenylcyclobutane (CCB), 1,3-diphenylpropane, 2,4-diphenyl-1-butene, 2,4,6-triphenyl-1-hexene, and 1[alpha]-phenyl-4[beta]-(1'-phenylethyl)tetralin were negative in the yeast estrogen screening assay and estrogen reporter assay using estrogen-responsive human breast cancer cell line MCF-7.
Styrene oligomers--such as trans-1,2-diphenylcyclobutane (TCB), cis-1,2-diphenylcyclobutane (CCB), 1,3-diphenylpropane, 2,4-diphenyl-1-butene, 2,4,6-triphenyl-1-hexene, and 1[alpha]-phenyl-4[beta]-(1'-phenylethyl)tetralin--are incorporated into polystyrene resin as impurities in the course of manufacture and may have a variety of biologic actions, including hormonal activity (Kawamura et al.
TCB, a styrene dimer, may also be converted to an estrogen by metabolic activation, based on the similarity of its structure to that of trans-stilbene.