n.1.(Chem.) A hypothetical radical found in certain derivatives of styrolene and cinnamic acid; - called also cinnyl, or cinnamyl.
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Gulbransen, The Antiseptic Properties of the Amino Derivatives of Styryl and Anil Quinoline, J.
Furthermore, styrene might be easily reacted with the reactive styryl groups grafted onto organoclay surface that disturbed the exfoliation of organoclay layers, leading to the formation of nanocomposites of intercalated morphology.
An investigation of the chemical constituents in a dichloromethnae extract of Goniothalamus undulatus root led to the isolation of three known styryl lactones (5-acetoxyisogoniothalamin oxide, O-acetylaltholactone and altholactone), and four known annonaceous acetogenins (annonacin, cis-annonacin, goniothalamicin and cis-goniothalamicin).
Marutzky and Roffael (1977) discussed the conversions of [omega]-hydroxypropiovanillon into acetovanillon (retro-aldol reaction), [alpha]-(3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenyl)-glycerin-[beta]-guaiacylether into 3-methoxy-4-hydroxy-styryl-[beta]-guaiacylether (retro-Prins reaction) as well as [beta]-1-dilignol-units toward styryl derivatives (retro-Prins reaction) as potential delignification reactions, which also lead to the formation of formaldehyde.
Key statement: A process for preparing a functionalized anionic polymerization initiator, the process comprising combining a functionalized styryl compound and an organolithium compound, where the functionalized styryl compound is defined by the formula where each [R.
The phenylethynyl compounds are not as efficient as the styryl ones as might be expected from reduced conjugation efficiency of the C |is identical to~ C triple bond.
Internalization of styryl dye FM1-43 in the hair cells of lateral line organs in Xenopus larvae.
This peak is believed (4) to be a consequence of the recombination among styryl macroradicals, GMA macroradicals, and styryl-GMA macroradicals.
Clearly, the optimum silane in this instance would be Silane H, the cationic styryl amine which gives a low viscosity mixture, as well as excellent final strength properties, in this case, using no coupling agent compromises the properties possible in the composite, and the processing would likely be more difficult.
Styryl lactones and their derivatives: biological activities, mechanisms of action and potential leads for drug design.
6) developed a model using QSAR techniques to estimate the reactivity of a molecule with the styryl radical based on a series of chain transfer constants found in the literature.