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n.1.(Arch.) The lowest member of a base when divided horizontally, or of a baseboard, pedestal, or the like.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Chairman was briefed that base and sub-base work from Khyaban-e-Soharwardi to NADRA chowk has been completed while drainage system has also been established on the said portion.
The CDA's statement said that base and sub-base work on the project has been sped up, and base and sub-base work from Khayaban-i-Suharwardy to Nadra Chowk has been completed.
I want to make the point that I personally do not think the sub-base material for constructing highways within parts of Kirklees (and other parts of Yorkshire) will meet the required standard.
Global Banking News-August 20, 2015--SBI wants to issue home loans at sub-base rates
The MPA-C boasts many innovative valve functions and the modular sub-base design facilitates maximum flexibility to easily expand to a maximum of 32 valves or solenoid coils.
The contract, which is open to Qatari companies only, includes site clearance, earthworks, sub-base, flexible surfacing, kerbing and footways, traffic signs and road marking, street lighting, surface water drainage, water and electricity works and Q-tel/Ooredoo works.
With decomposed granite, waste can effectively leach through to an appropriate sub-base. For best results, the area should consist of six to eight inches of material that includes the sub-base and decomposed granite surface.
You should have a laying bed of sharp sand between 50-70mm thick and under that another 150mm of type-one hardcore granular sub-base.
The project reportedly involves the construction of eight two-lane bridges, earthworks wide enough to support four lanes, sewers and drains to a width of four lanes, seven split level intersections built for four lanes, road surfacing to two mil lanes (29.7 km), with 22.9 km of uphill lanes, bus stops (two per intersection), and five marginal strips located at the side of the main road with ballast ringsurface (sub-base).
more than 28,000,000.0 m3 of earthwork, more than 100,000 m3 of reinforced concrete, more than 1,250,000.0 m3 of sub-base and base course, more than 300, 000.0 m3 of hot mix asphalt concrete.