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n.1.(Arch.) The lowest member of a base when divided horizontally, or of a baseboard, pedestal, or the like.
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Tenders are invited for balance work fo thangu to lugnak la portion earth work, drainage and protection works, culverts, sub-base and base course works, bituminous surface works and other appurtenant structures EMD value : INR 5771770 Opening date : 06 Feb 2018 Period of contract : 20 Months
I want to make the point that I personally do not think the sub-base material for constructing highways within parts of Kirklees (and other parts of Yorkshire) will meet the required standard.
Global Banking News-August 20, 2015--SBI wants to issue home loans at sub-base rates
He said that work on elevated track as well as ground track was heading forward with pace, adding that 3,500 metres road base and sub-base was being prepared.
Provides these services: Select demolition, clearing and grubbing, earth moving, sub-base preparation, water installation, sewer installation, drainage installation, sub-base and rock grading, asphalt paving, asphalt milling, concrete curb installation and sidewalk installation.
The MPA-C boasts many innovative valve functions and the modular sub-base design facilitates maximum flexibility to easily expand to a maximum of 32 valves or solenoid coils.
The contract, which is open to Qatari companies only, includes site clearance, earthworks, sub-base, flexible surfacing, kerbing and footways, traffic signs and road marking, street lighting, surface water drainage, water and electricity works and Q-tel/Ooredoo works.
For best results, the area should consist of six to eight inches of material that includes the sub-base and decomposed granite surface.
You should have a laying bed of sharp sand between 50-70mm thick and under that another 150mm of type-one hardcore granular sub-base.
La investigacion describio que el material de desecho Lodo Rojo generado en esta empresa puede funcionar como sub-base en pavimentos y se determino una proporcion optima de este material para tal fin.
0 m3 of sub-base and base course, more than 300, 000.
According to the company, the plunge base router features precision components, ergonomic tactile grips and a clear sub-base.