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A portable computer that is smaller than a notebook computer.


(ˈsʌbˌnoʊt bʊk)
a laptop computer smaller and lighter than a notebook, typically weighing less than 5 pounds (2.3 kg).
[1990–95, Amer.]
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3 ( ANI ): Intel-powered ultrabooks have emerged as a major flop in the technology market after sales predictions for the high-end sub-notebook were slashed by over 50 percent.
Intel believes the sleek build puts them in a new genre of sub-notebook, perhaps mini notebook or ultraportable.
ARM, a processor architecture developed by ARM Holdings in the UK, offer less computing punch than the Atom chip, but requires less power and produces less heat, making it a perfect solution for sub-notebook computers.
sub-notebook model that varies between 0.73 and 0.92 in.
Other options for Centrino 2 include the processor and other components that are about 40 percent smaller, making them ideal for the mini- and sub-notebook categories.
The ASUS Eee PC is a sub-notebook or ultra-compact PC that has received a lot of attention at CES and in the tech press.
IT looks like Asus have kick-started a trend with their tiny Linux-based Eee sub-notebook PC, reviewed in this column a while back.
Mobile phone giant Nokia is also rumored to be investigating the market for sub-notebook style computers based on embedded software.
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced its MAX1538, a highly integrated IC that provides power-source selection for notebook and sub-notebook computers and dual-battery portable equipment.
There are a lot of sub-notebook computers on the market, the Panasonic T1 is the only ultra-portable offered by a company whose tech-support initiatives aren't geared to telling end users why they have to charge the battery before use."
(NYSE:HIT) has chosen 3Com to equip its new sub-notebook PC with internal LAN functionality.