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(Architecture) a cellar below another cellar


(ˈsʌbˌsɛl ər)

a cellar below the main cellar.
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The proceeds of the loan will be used, in part, to convert the remaining floors to residential apartments, significantly upgrade the residential amenities and build out commercial space on the mezzanine and subcellar floors.
First of all, the level of Cd in plants might be affected by several physiological factors of plants, including Cd uptake from the solution, xylem translocation from root to the aerial, sequestration of Cd (in subcellar compartments or as organic complexes) [6].
The property has been rezoned to a C1-9 district, and a special permit will enable the buyer to develop a 100-space public parking garage on the cellar and subcellar levels.
At some moment, I discovered myself in a subcellar I didn't recognize, and seated nearby was my mother, who was speaking with me, though I couldn't quite see her face in the wispy shadows.
Wade decision, and every day I hear from at least one patient who believes that abortion is a secret, horrible crime--a torture practiced in some filthy subcellar, away from the prying eyes of even the doctor's own staff.