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a.1.(Anat.) Situated under the endocardium.
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However, chronic hypoperfusion causes subendocardial ischemia and later fibrosis, increasing the risk of sudden death secondary to ventricular arrhythmias.
However, it is not sufficient to supply the left ventricle, especially in the subendocardial region, which can attribute to chronic left ventricular subendocardial ischemia.
Interpretation of perfusion sequences can be limited by the presence of Gibbs ringing artifact at the blood-myocardial interface (mimicking a subendocardial hypoenhancement by creating a dark rim artifact due to sub-pixel shifting).
32) reported that increased levels of deep and subendocardial fibrosis are observed in SUDEP cases compared with controls; this may reffect the result of repetitive sympathetic activation or recurrent hypoxemia from seizures.
Such abnormalities in troponin concentration may occur in the absence of ischemic heart disease; indeed multiple mechanisms besides coronary artery disease have been invoked for release of troponin in patients with HF, including subendocardial stress, myocyte degeneration, and toxic effects of non-CV disorders such as renal failure.
2+] influx and causes shunting of blood away from the subendocardial layer, producing subendocardial ischemia.
In heart, microvasculature includes the network of interstitial capillaries between cardiac myocytes, and any other labeling is considered nonspecific, including the endothelium or elastica of larger arteries, capillaries in Quilty lesions, capillaries in areas of fibrosis, necrotic myocytes, subendocardial connective tissue, and luminal reactivity (serum) in vessels of any size.
Source of electrocardiographic ST changes in subendocardial ischemia.
Abnormal subendocardial perfusion in cardiac syndrome x detected by cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging.
Subendocardial resection has been shown to be a highly effective treatment for recurrent VT in a majority of post-MI patients [25].
4 [micro]m serial sections were longitudinally cut from subepicardial to subendocardial layer and subjected to Masson's trichrome staining.