a.1.(Zool.) Situated beneath the esophagus.
Subesophageal ganglion
(Zool.) a large special ganglion situated beneath the esophagus of arthropods, annelids, and some other invertebrates.
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The cerebral clusters of cell bodies connect to fibers extending to the subesophageal ganglion (SEG) and along the entire length of the nerve cord (Kingston and Cronin, 2015).
The wet mass of each lobster was recorded and the animal was sacrificed by destroying the subesophageal ganglion with a pair of pliers.
However, in some stylommatophoran species the presence of DB cells in the connective tissue surrounding the subesophageal ganglia has also been identified (Succinea putris, Cook, 1966; Limax maximus, van Minnen and Sokolove, 1984; Helix aspersa, Marchand and Dubois, 1986).
Inside the ants, most of the cercaria encyst in the walls of the abdomen, but one or two migrate to the head and encyst in the subesophageal ganglion, a part of the brain.
That JR synthesis by the CA is controlled by the brain and/or subesophageal ganglion is well established for many insects, and both neuronal and non-Effect of exogenous JH upon appearance of Vg polypeptide, YP 2a, in hemolymph of decapitated females.
The missing links, report Friesen and Brodfuehrer, are the Tr1 cells, whose somas or bodies are located in the relatively large subesophageal ganglion in the head region and whose axons extend down the length of the animal.
The thoracic ganglion is a part of the thoracic ganglion mass, which also includes the subesophageal ganglion and abdominal ganglion.
To further confirm the cytoplasmic distribution of PARP, enzyme activity was assayed in nuclei, mitochondria, and cytoplasm from OL, supraesophageal mass (SupraE), subesophageal mass (SubE), and optic nerves (ON), which are known to be nuclei-free (Fig.
The nervous system of the giant African snail Achatina fulica is composed of 13 ganglia: a pair of buccal ganglia, a pair of cerebral ganglia, a pair of tentacular ganglia, and a subesophageal mass containing 2 pleural ganglia, 2 parietal ganglia, 2 pedal ganglia, and a single visceral ganglion (Kruatrachue et al.
Information about water movements from bi-directional mechanoreceptors on the branchiostegites of freshwater crayfishes enters the subesophageal ganglion (Mellon, 1963, and unpubl.
Crustacean hyperglycemic hormone in the lobster nervous system: localization and release from cells in the subesophageal ganglion and thoracic second roots.
It is likely that the three ganglionic divisions located adjacent to the oral cone reflect the presence of three pairs of gnathopods and are, therefore, referred to as subesophageal divisions.