Subesophageal ganglion

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(Zool.) a large special ganglion situated beneath the esophagus of arthropods, annelids, and some other invertebrates.

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The cerebral clusters of cell bodies connect to fibers extending to the subesophageal ganglion (SEG) and along the entire length of the nerve cord (Kingston and Cronin, 2015).
The thoracic ganglion is a part of the thoracic ganglion mass, which also includes the subesophageal ganglion and abdominal ganglion.
Inside the ants, most of the cercaria encyst in the walls of the abdomen, but one or two migrate to the head and encyst in the subesophageal ganglion, a part of the brain.
The missing links, report Friesen and Brodfuehrer, are the Tr1 cells, whose somas or bodies are located in the relatively large subesophageal ganglion in the head region and whose axons extend down the length of the animal.
The subesophageal ganglion extract contained peaks of heptapeptide (16 min) and pQFYRFamide (19 min) of roughly equal size (not shown).