a.1.Nearly globular.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Male subgenital plate short, subglobular; dorsal margin, in lateral view, angular.
Antenna long, apex of antennomere 8 reaching apex of pronotal hind angle; antennomere 2 subglobular, antennomere 3 subtriangular; antennomeres 2-5, 7 and 11 length ratio 1.0:1.7:3.0:3.0:3.3:5.3.
The shape index, which is expressed by the ratio between the longitudinal and transverse diameters, ranged between 0.80 and 0.95, a result that confirms that acerola has a subglobular shape.
Por debajo de una olla subglobular pequena de coccion oxidante y con restos de hollin, sin asas (AFD 2101/ SD 46), se recuperaron restos de un infante de siete meses aproximadamente (entierro 6), junto a cuentas de valvas de igual origen que el collar ya mencionado y cuatro cuentas de clorita negro verdosa, determinadas por analisis especifico (Fernandez Distel 1981, 1986) (Tabla 2).
UREDINIOSPORES are subglobular or broad-spheroidal to obovate or elliptical, yellowish brown, densely echinulate, 20-37.5 x 12.5-25 um, wall 1-2 um thick, germ pores found in scattered form, obscure.
The Asturian specimens attributed to the genus Pseudocyclammina have a cylindrical to subglobular shape, with hemispheric to globular chambers arranged in two (exceptionally three) streptospiral to planspiral whorls.
2C: 1br); eye subglobular; ocellus small, situated close to eye: distance between eye and ocellus about one third as long as interocellar distance.
En la antena F2 es subglobular, posee ocho SP de arreglo ligeramente transversal y ocho SB.
Test size variable, usually medium-sized, low trochospiral with 4 subglobular chambers in the final whorl.