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n.1.A word derived from a derivative, and not directly from the root; as, "friendliness" is a subderivative, being derived from "friendly", which is in turn a derivative from "friend."
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The energy efficiency optimal algorithm is given by the following subgradient algorithm.
Duchi, John, Adaptive Journal of Machine EladHazan, and subgradient Learning Research Yoram Singer.
In the developed algorithm, the scheduling indicator is evaluated by the central controller and represented in a function of [[bar.[lambda]].sup.(t)] where [[bar.[lambda]].sup.(t)] stands for the Lagrangian multiplier vector of the dual problem in (2), which is represented after the transmission as a function of [[alpha].sup.(t)], a step size at time-slot t, and [V.sub.k.sub.(t)] the stochastic subgradient of the dual problem in (1) which can be obtained by Danskin's Theorem [3] as
The inexact SA algorithm solves (8) by mimicking the subgradient descent method
Eventually, a subgradient search is adopted to iteratively update the feasible and relaxed solutions to an acceptable tolerance of optimality gap.
At the first stage, the assignment of berths and QCs to vessels is determined by Lagrangian relaxation and a subgradient optimization method.
They used the modified subgradient algorithm to solve this non-linear programming problem.
To minimize J([[theta].sub.0]), we use a generalization of gradient descent called subgradient method [6] which computes a gradient-like direction.