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a. subhepático-a, situado debajo del hígado.
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In retrocecal appendicitis cases, the pararenal abscess can be observed added to the appendicitis or infection can also spread to the right paracolic space, right subphrenic, and subhepatic area (6, 7).
Omentum was tucked into the subhepatic space and all ports extracted.
Regarding the postoperative morbidity and complications, 1 patient had intra-abdominal subhepatic abscess which was managed conservatively.
There was hematoma in retroperitoneal region originating from subhepatic area, reaching to right iliac fossa and Douglas pouch.
A plain abdominal X-ray showed an abnormal gas shadow in the right subhepatic space, and a segment of gaseous distended colon, which was located on the right side of the abdominal cavity; this was interposed between the liver and the right diaphragm (Figure 1).
Abdominal ultrasonography directed to the abdominal mass was performed and nested bowel loops were observed starting from the right lower quadrant and extending to the subhepatic region and splenic flexura (Figure 2).
A Foley catheter was put into the cyst cavity for drainage and another was put into the subhepatic place through a 5 mm trocar.
Laparoscopy revealed a 6 cm x 7 cm well-encapsulated inflammatory soft structure originating from the lesser omentum with ischemic changes that occupied the right subhepatic area.
The initial imaging modality to detect BDI and BL was USG abdomen, which shows intrahepatic biliary radicals dilatation and subhepatic collection.
The surgery was performed under general anesthesia, with median laparotomy approach, cholecystectomy (Figure 3) and drainage of the subhepatic area.