n.1.A division of that which is individual.
An individual can not branch itself into subindividuals.
- Milton.
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In this everyday sense, racism has to do with our relationship with others, people who are not like us (a genealogy of this subindividual, everyday level may like to focus, for instance, on the tactics of keeping others at a proper distance and bodily politics of everyday movements).
24): subindividual conditions that are unconscious, automatic and relatively modular, as well as environmental conditions (mainly causal patterns).
This is control that "works at the subindividual, molecular level of bodies" and that produces normalisation, not through socialisation and education, but by "directly bringing bodies and bodily affective capacities under the expanded grid of control, especially through the marketization of affective capacity.
In "Nietzsche, Genealogy, History" Foucault describes the genealogical approach as a search for "the subtle, singular, and subindividual marks that might possibly .
Individual and subindividual responses may also be amenable to detection by automated monitoring systems.
These two objects can be analyzed at the individual and subindividual level, or at the population level [1].