Subjective sensation

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(Physiol.) one of the sensations occurring when stimuli due to internal causes excite the nervous apparatus of the sense organs, as when a person imagines he sees figures which have no objective reality.

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Because pain is a subjective sensation, it is difficult to evaluate objectively in clinical trials.
Decreased salivary flow has been correlated with a subjective sensation of dysphagia, and some studies have shown prolonged pharyngeal transit times.
Glare caused by natural lighting is usually studied in dark chambers lit with devices emulating a window: the photometric independent variables measured are correlated with the subjective sensation of glare from the observers and turned into equations [Hopkinson 1972, Chauvel and others 1980, Iwata and others 1991].
When evaluating if sleep disorders are existent or not, experts try to draw on the subjective sensation of the participants.

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