a.1.Having power, or tending, to take away.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Now stretch marks can be targeted less invasively with the Sublative laser which delivers energy into the dermis via tiny pin-pricks - there's no downtime and it leaves tiny scabs.' The laser stimulates new collagen and remodels scar tissue so stretchmarks shrink and smooth out, although expect an improvement rather than outright cure.
"EMatrix sublative rejuvenation treatments reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars, and improve skin tone and textural irregularities." He explains that the procedure uses fractionated bipolar radio frequency to penetrate through the skin and "encourages collagen response without affecting external skin damage." Abrams adds that most patients notice beneficial results after the first treatment, although he recommends three treatments for best results.
Treatment of acne scars of skin types ii to v by sublative fractional bipolar radiofrequency and bipolar radiofrequency combined with diode laser.
Avar local case suffixes ON AT location -do (superessive) -q (apudessive) destination -de (superlative) -qe (apudlative) source -dasa (superelative) -qa (apudelative) path -dasan (supertranslative) -qan (apudtranslative) [IN.sub.1] UNDER location -l (interessive) -L' (subessive) destination -le (interlative) -L'e (sublative) source -la (interelative) -L'a (subelative) path -lan (intertranslative) -L'an (subtranslative) [IN.sub.2] location -<b> (inessive) destination -<b>-e (illative) source -so (inelative) path -san (intranslative) Table 11.
Consider the above mentioned construction hasonlit a bajnok-ra (resembles the champion-onto), for instance: one of the requirements of the verb hasonlit ('resemble') is to find a noun which is in sublative case (-ra/-re).
Nietzsche's theoretical "down-going" (Untergehen) on metaphysical enterprise and Hegel's expression of the "dialectical overcoming" (Aufhebung), the sublative spirit which strives for the Absolute, that forges the subject in History, have doubtless exerted a critical influence on readings of culture, particularly in the political and theoretical washup of the sixties.
Thus, Segal's reading follows a sublative movement through the poem, finding that song raises the singers' horizons up to the aether, as high as the budding poet's imagination can lift them.(2) The business of the wager is now a textual `operator' which signals the reader to search, in what follows, for the right wavelength for reception of the poem.