a.1.Used for sublimation; as, sublimatory vessels.
n.1.A vessel used for sublimation.
Vials, crosslets, and sublimatories.
- Chaucer.
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Abstract painting would have to confront simultaneously both its originary and innate painterly sublimatory intentions (e.
The sublimatory object for Lacan is one which brings us back from the precipice of potential nonmeaning without denying the existence of the abyss; an act of sublimation speaks to its own insufficiency in stopping up the gap in meaning but stops it up nonetheless.
These terms rely on a neoplatonic, upward, sublimatory movement away from material particularity, whereas Emerson's impersonal moves in the opposite direction.
them, it suggests for them a sublimatory outcome, it transposes
Here the power of words provides confessional comfort and sublimatory order.
The poem continues trying to protect the speaker from the spear-point of yearning by developing a professorial meditation on how absence is actually necessary to relationship, an idea which merges into the even more sublimatory idea that absence-from-mind is necessary to imagined relationship--but at the end we know the pain of yearning has not all been dissolved:
Indeed, "falls" indicates the direction of the pictorial erotic, in which the elevation of the vertical human body, rising into the sublimatory posture of the visual and the beautiful (as Freud tells us in Civilization and Its Discontents), enables it thus to surmount the horizontal axis of the pawing and sniffing animal.
By renouncing the satisfactions of egoistic achievement, the imperial agent reaped the compensatory pleasures of professional asceticism: the sublimatory joys of self-sacrifice and the tacit praise of official higher-ups.