a.1.Used for sublimation; as, sublimatory vessels.
n.1.A vessel used for sublimation.
Vials, crosslets, and sublimatories.
- Chaucer.
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We can't be completely sure if and how mourning might have infiltrated in Castro's lost subjects, but if art truly "secures for the artist a 'sublimatory hold over the lost Thing" without "simply turning mourning into mania" Kristeva's (1992:97), we can assume that for Castro, art is a primordial source of comfort and support, a tangible weapon against absence, separation and probably death, but most importantly a timeless celebration of life.
The automatic function of desire is constituted through sublimatory investment by the phantasmatic or representational pleasure.
In the case of anorexic patients this lack of psychic robustness is revealed at puberty when the camouflage provided by the sublimatory activities begins to fail.
Some of the Surrealist sculptures produced at Boisgeloup are fantastic--almost Ovidian metamorphoses of his mistress Marie-ThErese Walter--but the penis-as-nose or breast-as-head operation is not a feat of transgression so much as "a game of transposition" (the phrase Bataille used to critique sublimatory moves in Surrealist art); repeated too often, it becomes a heavy-handed joke.
In addition, Acosta Cruz conceptualizes this political status as part of an almost sublimatory process: the wound of paternalistic colonialism and shameful dependency, along with the rage that oozed from that wound, were systematically soothed by the balm of independence.
As libidinal energy, desire is produced by that apparatus that transforms the drives into investments in objects, via binding systems that are at once super-egoic and sublimatory (and these cannot be separated: there is no superego without figures with whom to identify, without those identificatory figures produced by sublimation-the question being to know whether the reverse is also true).
These terms rely on a neoplatonic, upward, sublimatory movement away from material particularity, whereas Emerson's impersonal moves in the opposite direction.
them, it suggests for them a sublimatory outcome, it transposes
The graphic lifting away of, and from, profound masculine crisis (literary, intertextual, filmic) presents sublimation as the 'good work' of form, and all Denis's many subsequent theoretical glosses on and around the film must be viewed as a continuation of this sublimatory project.
Equally Kristeva's notion of maternity must also be re-read within a European Catholic tradition where the Madonna has a symbolic and potentially sublimatory place.
The poem continues trying to protect the speaker from the spear-point of yearning by developing a professorial meditation on how absence is actually necessary to relationship, an idea which merges into the even more sublimatory idea that absence-from-mind is necessary to imagined relationship--but at the end we know the pain of yearning has not all been dissolved:
The symbolic meaning of the Hebrew texts is rational but the resonant treatment is like a process of amnesia regeneration, the intelligence in the Sensible, the understanding of the dissimulation, a new reality in the dimensional poetry of space, an allegory to movement like a filling-up by chaos close to a sublimatory obsession.