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a.1.Situated under the mammæ; as, submammary inflammation.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Among the patients with acanthosis nigricans (31 cases, 62%), neck was the most common site involved (30 cases, 60%) and least common site was intermammary and submammary region (2 cases, 4%), Table 3.
The most important advantages of skin sparing mastectomy (SSM) or nipple-areola sparing mastectomy (NSM) are the preservation of the breast contour, preservation of the submammary fold, and avoidance of skin differences.
On the chest, the inter- and submammary areas are most frequently affected [3].
3 ports were utilised to harvest the left internal mammary artery (LIMA), and a submammary incision was performed in the 5th intercostal space to enable anastomosis to the LAD.
Patients could be operated with traditional submammary incisions or a circumareolar approach where the NAC would be moved.
The most commonly affected areas are the axillae and groin as well as the submammary, gluteal, and perianal regions [2,3].
A right submammary 5 cm incision was made and the pleural cavity was entered via the 4th intercostal space.
Dowling-Degos disease: autosomal dominant pathology, affecting teenagers and young adults, clinically characterized by reticular hyperpigmentation, with axial onset, with further extension on intergluteal, flexural and submammary areas, neck and torso.
the breast the breast (2006) Lymph nodes / Ganglia / Groups EXTRA-AXILLARY Supraclaviculary Parasternal Inferior phrenic and inferior deep (internal (a) cervical thoracic) submammary (b) Aumuller Medial portion Medial X et al.
O/E multiple papular lesions forming plaques with maceration and malodorous odour in axilla, groins, submammary regions, neck and flexors of elbow and knee joints [Figure-2 a & b].
Submammary incision was made in some female patients with a lower deformity due to better cosmetic outcome.