Submarine telegraph cable

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a telegraph cable laid under water to connect stations separated by a body of water.

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"Our country has a long history in the telecommunications sector as in 1871, the first submarine telegraph cable was laid between Cyprus and Syria, from Ayios Theodoros to Lattakia," the minister said.
Global Marine's beginnings can be traced back to 1850 when the ship Goliath laid the first international submarine telegraph cable to link Britain to France.
Oslund also tries to show that although satellites are a radically new form of communication technology, they have inherited a century of technical developments and international politics from the first submarine telegraph cable after the Civil War.
The recommendation to erect a submarine telegraph cable linking San Francisco in the United States to Valparaiso in Chile was made at the First Inter-American Conference in 1893.
It was from this fascinating property, which sleeps two and has superb sea views, that the first submarine telegraph cable was laid on the sea-bed to Ireland.
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