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a.1.Lying under the middle.
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Chaetotaxy of sternites II-III 8-10:(3)7-8(3):(2)6-7(2):8, sternite X with 2 submedial tactile setae (0.12-0.21 mm long), genital notch of males flanked by 6-7 setae on each side and 4+4 internal glandular setae.
Submedial pigmented glands occur in the parapodial cirri which are larger than the parapodial lobes.
3###Right gingival###Increased###PBL###Parietal bone, occipital bone, submedial area, 2###IV###2
The answer turns out to be not so much about media--which for Groys include the whole gamut of semiotic systems and symbolic expressions--but about what lies beneath the phenomenological surfaces, which he terms 'the submedial space'.
Using light microscopy, the nematodes were identified as spiruroids of the genus Procyrnea (Spiruroidea: Habronematidae) according to the following characteristics: the body presented fine transverse striations, buccal region consisting of two pseudolabia and dorsal and ventral labia each consisted of two submedial lobels and small teeth on the border of pseudolabia, thick-walled buccal cavity, esophagus divided into a short anterior muscular part and a long posterior glandular part, a coiled male tail with caudal alae, unequal spicules, presence of a gubernaculum, and a vulva in females near their midbody (Chabaud, 1975).
Reverso del ala posterior cafe rojizo con una mancha cafe claro circunscrita en la zona basal y submedial. Cabeza, torax y abdomen cafe rojizo.
Con escamas generando 6 manchas tenues de color amarillo claro: mancha entre la region medial y submedial cerca al centro de la celda Sc+R, mancha cerca a la region medial y submedial en el origen de las venas Rs y M1, mancha submedial entre M1 y M2, mancha al interior de la celda discal, mancha poco notoria y pequena en el extremo basal de la celda Cu1, mancha ubicada en las regiones submedial y posbasal cerca a la base de la celda Cu2.
Thorax: Pronotum: Callosite region testaceous-brown; disc mostly testaceous, with extensive submedial red highlighting; midline with weak yellow stripe.
Male genitalia with symmetric parameres; internal sac of aedeagus with submedial lobe, and a set of raspules (brushes), basal lamella shaped as a "magnifying glass" and plate lamella consisting on several structures.