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a.1.Lying under the middle.
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Thorax: Pronotum: Callosite region testaceous-brown; disc mostly testaceous, with extensive submedial red highlighting; midline with weak yellow stripe.
submedial, one row on each side of the costa; spores mostly malformed, bilateral, monolete, (33)39(45) x (22)26(33) [micro]m, tuberculate, tubercles dome-shaped, somewhat overlapping, amber.
The number of ventrals with submedial spots appeared early in the study to be greater, especially on the anterior part of the venter, in E.
Mesoscutum with 5 vittae: grey-silver medial vitta, brown submedial vittae and grey-silver dorsocentral vittae.
Antennae: AI yellowish brown to dark reddish brown; AII mostly reddish brown, with a submedial yellow band proximal to midpoint; AIII and AIV red brown.
Dorsum with submedian lines of dorsal setae, and submedial and submarginal lines of simple pores.
Pairs of blackish spots include: (a) submedial spots including: (1) larger, but slightly less discrete spots on T1 and T2 (these tergites clearly separated by yellow suture), those on Tl extending almost over entire length of tergite, those on T2 extending only over anterior 0.