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a.1.(Zool.) Next to the median (on either side); as, the submedian teeth of mollusks.
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it plays with the use of the submedian key of E minor in bars 9-11.
Oral rim ducts also present on submedian areas of thorax, on the midline of abdomen and behind each posterior ostiole.
Furthermore, dorsolateral and dorsal submedian spines are absent from the penes lobes, which is the case with R.
Scutellum ochraceous, punctures broadly surrounded by a brown spot each, irregularly confluent into parches as follows: a pair of patches at lateral portions of basal tumescence; an irregular, frequently interrupted fascia along midline from posterior margin of basal tumescence to apex; a pair of submedian and a pair of submarginal patches slightly posteriad to middle; and a pair of marginal spots in posterior third.
The submedian and lateral carinae of sternite VII are obsolete in the holotype, and on the adult female a pair of vestigial lateral carinae are present, and the submedian carinae are also obsolete.
paulexa by the reduced rostrum, the lack of submedian longitudinal depressions on the dorsal surface of the carapace, and the broadly rounded antennal lobe of the carapace.
The depressed patients were twice as likely to have submedian periodontal treatment outcome (63.
Chromosomes of the Middle Atlas population are shorter than those of the High Atlas and display a less distinct constriction, which is usually median to submedian.
Patients with BNP concentrations higher than the median value had a higher odds ratio for cardiac death at 18 months of follow-up, than patients with a submedian BNP concentration on blood collected at admission and two days after myocardial infarction.
Elytra with golden setae, except white setae on 1st interstriae, at submedian region of 2nd interstriae, at base of 5th and 6th interstriae and in horizontal strip on subbasal region from 5th to 10th interstriae (Fig.
Hind femur with fewer (2-3) av setae confined to distal third, and only 2 pv setae, one near middle and one apically; hind tibia with fewer submedian setae: 1 av, 2-3 ad, 1-2pd and 0p.