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a.1.(Zool.) Next to the median (on either side); as, the submedian teeth of mollusks.
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The antero-ventral and postero-ventral parts of the left valve of the oyster were completely cemented to the carapace of the crab, while the antero-dorsal and postero-dorsal parts of the valve (except part of the submedian margins) were not cemented, and only loosely covered the carapace.
A pair of dark brown, submedian, longitudinal stripes on thorax dorsally.
it plays with the use of the submedian key of E minor in bars 9-11.
Pronotum translucent, almost completely shaded with gray except on a pair of submedian elongated pale spots near hind margin.
perprocerus and revived the name based on the presence of an extra submedian row of ventral tritubular ducts on the abdomen, the size of clavate sensory setae and length of the genital organ.
Furthermore, dorsolateral and dorsal submedian spines are absent from the penes lobes, which is the case with R.
Femora ochraceous yellow with distomedial and apical inconspicuous yellowish brown rings which can be absent in fore femur ofpaler specimens; several few anteroventral and posteroventral spine-like seta on distal third, except fore femur, with spine-like setae on all ventral margin; mid femur with row of four or five submedian setae on anterior margin that may be absent in some males.
Scutellum ochraceous, punctures broadly surrounded by a brown spot each, irregularly confluent into parches as follows: a pair of patches at lateral portions of basal tumescence; an irregular, frequently interrupted fascia along midline from posterior margin of basal tumescence to apex; a pair of submedian and a pair of submarginal patches slightly posteriad to middle; and a pair of marginal spots in posterior third.
The reverse would be true for voters with submedian preferences: they would move to a jurisdiction that imposed a lower tax.
The submedian and lateral carinae of sternite VII are obsolete in the holotype, and on the adult female a pair of vestigial lateral carinae are present, and the submedian carinae are also obsolete.
Mid tibia with a median posteroventral seta; 1 supramedian and 1 submedian posterior setae; 1 pre-apical dorsal; posteroventral, anterior and ventral surfaces with one apical seta.