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a.1.(Zool.) Next to the median (on either side); as, the submedian teeth of mollusks.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Descriptive terminology follows Mattoni & Acosta (2005) for hemispermatophores; Vachon (1974) for trichobothria; Francke (1977) for metasomal carinae, abbreviated as follows: DL: dorsolateral; LIM: lateral inframedian; LSM: lateral supramedian; LM: lateral median; VSM: ventral submedian; VL: ventrolateral; VM: ventromedial!; and Prendini (2000) for pedipalp carinae, abbreviated as follows: DI: dorsal internal; DE: dorsal external; VI: ventral internal; VE: ventral external;
Ascospores ovoid with rounded ends and 1 submedian septum, constricted at the septum, grayish brown to pale brown, biseriate, arranged in a helix, 58-88 x 15-28 [my]m; hyaline appendices at both ends, small, semicircular.
32) which bear 2 dark obliquely longitudinal submedian stripes and a dark abdominal tip.
1, puparium; 2, marginal teeth; 3, submedian abdominal depression on each of segments I-VII; 4, vasiform orifice.
Caudal papillae distributed as follows: 5 pairs of adcloacal papillae arranged in 2 rows on both sides of the cloaca, 1 precloacal, 1 submedian postcloacal pair, and 2 submedian and 1 pair of subventral papillae at the caudal extremity.
The antero-ventral and postero-ventral parts of the left valve of the oyster were completely cemented to the carapace of the crab, while the antero-dorsal and postero-dorsal parts of the valve (except part of the submedian margins) were not cemented, and only loosely covered the carapace.
(37.) Vic Gammon, who helped me determine the chord symbols from Watson's piano score, has kindly provided the following harmonic description: 'The song is strongly centred in the key of G major with a transitory modulation to the dominant key of D in bar 4.; it plays with the use of the submedian key of E minor in bars 9-11.
The nucleus of the parasite was in submedian position and was also laid free in the cytoplasm like macrogametocyte and measured 3.60 [+ or -] 0.73[micro]M x 2.83 [+ or -] 0.7 [micro]M.
They also share the following morphological features: (i) head: primary setae are blunt, (ii) thorax: lateral tubercles (LTs) are absent, (iii) abdomen: LTs are absent, (iv) abdomen: laterodorsal tubercles are absent or very small and with only one seta, and (v) types of setae: thoracic notal setae are short, blunt to slightly clavate, and abdominal (A1-A6) submedian setae are short, blunt to clavate, without hooks.