a.1.Situated underneath a muscle or muscles.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The ulnar nerve may be compressed at five anatomical sites proximally to distally: at the arcade of Struthers, the medial intermuscular septum, epicondylar groove, Osborne's ligament (the roof of the actual boundary of the cubital tunnel), and flexor-pronator aponeurosis; the epicondylar groove and Osborne's ligament are the most frequent areas.[2],[25] The effective surgical treatment for nerve entrapment is timely decompression, involving several controversial approaches typically involving one of the following: in situ decompression (open or endoscopic), medial epicondylectomy, or anterior transposition (subcutaneous, submuscular, or intramuscular).[7],[8],[9],[10],[11],[12],[13] None of these are considered superior to the others.
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The ulnar nerve was transposed to a submuscular position with the flexor-pronator mass, which was reattached over the top.
Following SSM or NSM, the pectoralis major muscle was elevated starting from its lateral border and both sternal and inferior attachments below the inframammary fold were released with meticulous dissection that allowed the surgeon to stay strictly within the submuscular plane.
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At this point, if expanders were used, the pectoralis major muscle was lifted off of the chest wall sharply to allow for a submuscular pocket to cover the superior and superiormedial portions of the expander.
Complications associated with pectoral cardioverterdefibrillator implantation: comparison of subcutaneous and submuscular approaches.
A technical modification to TE-based breast reconstruction is the use of the acellular dermal matrix (ADM) of either human or bovine origin, which allows creation of the submuscular pocket by mobilization of only the pectoralis major muscle [25, 26].
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