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n. & v. t.1.See Subpœna.
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Possiamo notare che nel testo di Sant German leggiamo la parola "subpena" (ancora scritta alla latina) e non la parola "discovery".
Pursuant to the statute, written requests may be made only where (1) "no administrative summons or subpena [sic] authority reasonably appears to be available to that Government authority"; (2) agency regulations authorize it; (3) the sought material is "relevant to a legitimate law enforcement authority"; and (4) the notice-and-challenge provisions are followed.
These demands are called "administrative subpoenas." To date, Congress has passed more than 300 administrative subpoena statutes "grant[ing] some form of administrative subpoena authority to most federal agencies." (58) For example, the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) authorizes the Attorney General to "subpena [sic] witnesses, compel the attendance and testimony of witnesses, and require the production of any records ...