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a.1.(Anat.) Situated under the pleural membrane.
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Spontaneous pneumothorax occurring in the majority of these patients arises from the rupture of subpleural blebs.
Focal consolidation, pleural effusion, subpleural nodules, and cavitation were considered atypical findings.
The subpleural and interstitial cysts were pale white to yellow, firm to the touch, and ruptured easily during handling.
The distribution of the process appeared to be random, with intra-alveolar hemorrhage seen in subpleural, intralobular, paraseptal, and peribronchiolar locations.
UIP and NSIP patterns on HRCT scan (1-3) UIP NSIP Bilateral reticular opacities Bilateral reticular opacities Ground-glass opacities not Bilateral ground-glass prominent opacities Basal and subpleural Basal predominance, diffuse or predominance subpleural Fibrosis and honeycombing Honeycombing minimal or absent With or without traction With or without traction bronchiectasis bronchiectasis UIP = usual interstitial pneumonia; NSIP = nonspecific interstitial pneumonia; HRCT = high-resolution computerised tomography.
A UIP pattern on HRCT, which may be sufficient for the diagnosis, relies on four criteria: subpleural basal predominance; reticular abnormality; honeycombing.
Prominent interlobular septa, ground-glass attenuation, patchy consolidation, parenchymal bands, irregular peribronchovascular thickening, and subpleural lines may be the initial findings on HRCT (14).
Contrast-enhanced chest computed tomography (CT) demonstrated extensive subpleural honeycombing, consistent with pulmonary fibrosis (Figures 2 and3).
CT scans of the thorax, abdomen, and pelvis showed small subpleural nodules in both lungs and jejunal wall thickening.
The left thyroid lobe was enlarged, with millimetric calcifications and, millimetric subpleural pulmonary nodules and pleural fluid collection were identified by chest CT.
Small subpleural nodules, cavitary lesions few in number and a wedge shaped pleural based consolidation in the lateral segment of the right lung lower lobe were observed.