a.1.Nearly or approximately square; almost square.
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Underleaves small, 2-3 x wider than the stem, subquadrate, deeply bifid.
euryodon shows a clear reduction of the protoconal zone, such that the protocone cingulum is almost central and very reduced, whereas in Cynelos lemanensis the protoconal area is less reduced and is more subquadrate. This fact is not evident in the figure published by Savage (1965, Pl.
Leaves ovateorbicular or subquadrate. Leaf bases hardly decurrent.
1C, E) subquadrate in lateral view, the posterior margin with a wisp of very long and black setae laterally, with a sclerotized and shallowly V-shaped median notch ventrally, the notch with a pair of oval-shaped processes on each side.
Traits Values/characteristics Plant height 30-110 cm Stem Dark green Length 30-100 cm Diameter 2-6 mm Shape Quadrangular with longitudinal furrows and wings on the angles of the young parts, slightly enlarged at the nodes Leaves Glabrous Length 2-12 cm Width 1-3 cm Shape Lanceolate Arrangement Pinnate, acute apex, entire margin Flowers White with rose-purple spots on the petals Size Small, in lax spreading axillary and terminal racemes or panicles Seed Capsules linear-oblong, acute at both ends Size 1.9 cm x 0.3 cm Color Yellowish brown Shape Subquadrate, numerous Flowering and December to April fruiting TABLE 2: The vernacular names of A.