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1. Situated directly beneath the sun.
2. Located between the tropics; equatorial.


1. (Astronomy) (of a point on the earth) directly below the sun
2. (Physical Geography) situated between the tropics; equatorial


(sʌbˈsoʊ lər)

situated beneath the sun or between the earth and the sun.
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However, in the tropics, the sun appears directly overhead (called the subsolar point) some days (or even months) before the solstice and again after the solstice, which means the subsolar point occurs twice each year.
A is the subsolar point, and C is the sub-Earth point, which lies on the great circle of the Central Meridian (CM).
When you activate the Location panel, you get a familiar view of Earth showing the daytime and nighttime regions, your location, and the subsolar point where an observer would see the Sun directly over head.