a.1.Nearly spherical; having a figure resembling that of a sphere.
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Perithecia spherical to subspherical, sometimes compressed, 0.45-0.5 mm high x 0.34-0.5 mm diam.; ostioles conical papillate, encircled with a truncatum-type disc 0.17-0.25 mm diam.
At the end of the production time, the 80[degrees]C isosurface around the four injection wells covered a subspherical volume with ca.
They also contain a single spherical to subspherical sporocyst, without a Stieda body.
Ventral sucker subspherical, post-equatorial, 28-32 (29 [+ or -] 2) long and 30-34 (33 [+ or -] 2) wide, with 2-3 circles of hooks surrounding its opening.
Oocysts from infected felids on excretion are unsporulated and are subspherical to spherical measuring 10-13 [micro]m in length and 0.5 [micro]m thick, whereas sporulated oocysts are subspherical to ellipsoidal measuring 11-14 [micro]m in length.
Application of the DEM requires that the corn grain surface be described as subspherical shapes.
The size and shape of the microfossils are determined by bacterial morphology, which includes rodlike bacteria, and isolated subspherical structures.
A total of 30 eggs from different clutches were measured, all of which were white, calcareous, subspherical, and adhesive.
Cells are subspherical or irregular- rounded, usually have individual gelatinous envelopes.
(2001) that claim in Brazil the existence of kaolinites with relatively poor crystal order, with elongated, subspherical large aggregated and rounded forms as well as high stability.
Spermathecae 2, plus a rudimentary 3rd, and a sclerotized ring, subspherical to ovoid with short slender necks.