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Noun1.substring - a string that is part of a longer string
string - a linear sequence of symbols (characters or words or phrases)
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Var_Conceptn ":=" Conceptn_Function;" Where" (Condition ("and" | "or") Condition)*" Return" ("$" VarStructure+) Condition := Struct_Attr_Cond|Concept_Attr_Cond|Concept_Rel_Cond| Struct_Concept_Cond Struct_Attr_Cond := Struct_Attr_Function Operator1 Attr_Value| Operateur2 "("Struct_Attr_Function ","Attr_Value")" Concept_Attr_Cond := Concept_Attr_Function Operator1 Attr_Value| Operateur2 "("Concept_Attr_Function ","Attr_Value")" Concept_Rel_Cond := Concept_Rel_Function Concept_Rel_Cond := Concept_Rel_Function Struct_Concept_Cond := Struct_Concept_Function Operator1 := >| < | = (Arithmetic Operators) Operator2 := contains | string | substring |.
The Combobox QuickView allows the user to type his/her own information into the QuickView box in order to do a simple search for the initial substring entered.
Topic searches perform case-insensitive substring matching on specified metadata fields in the EIC (i.
For example, Aphelion is over eight times faster than anything on the market for substring searches - which include the partial name lookups that people across big organizations do every day to find address information," said Gary Therens, marketing manager for Control Data.
Let c be the substring of x, if the c has the characterization for y [member of] Y, then the (c, y) is a feature of model.
Thus, after the siRNA sequence is divided into x mutually disjointed and equal substrings (as equal as possible), at least one substring must have a perfect match with the off-target region.
ii) The given construction requires that the PFP not be decomposable to a repeated substring.
Diarrhea and nausea/vomiting visits were not necessarily mutually exclusive, because a given chief complaint text substring can be assigned to >1 subsyndrome by the BioSense system (13).
String utility functions; We replace a substring with another substring resulting in a new string.
Step 2: Produce a proto-child by copying the substring of operation sequence into the corresponding positions.
We then used a string function to search these numeric statute codes for the substring that uniquely identified each particular offense, allowing us to identify the offense.