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tr.v. sub·tend·ed, sub·tend·ing, sub·tends
1. Mathematics To be opposite to and delimit: The side of a triangle subtends the opposite angle.
2. To underlie so as to enclose or surround: flowers subtended by leafy bracts.

[Latin subtendere, to extend underneath : sub-, sub- + tendere, to extend; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]
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vb (tr)
1. (Mathematics) geometry to be opposite to and delimit (an angle or side)
2. (Botany) (of a bract, stem, etc) to have (a bud or similar part) growing in its axil
3. to mark off
4. to underlie; be inherent in
[C16: from Latin subtendere to extend beneath, from sub- + tendere to stretch out]
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(səbˈtɛnd, sʌb-)

1. Geom. to extend under or be opposite to: a chord subtending an arc.
2. (of a leaf, bract, etc.) to occur beneath or close to.
3. to form or mark the outline or boundary of.
[1560–70; < Latin subtendere to stretch beneath =sub- sub- + tendere to stretch]
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Past participle: subtended
Gerund: subtending

I subtend
you subtend
he/she/it subtends
we subtend
you subtend
they subtend
I subtended
you subtended
he/she/it subtended
we subtended
you subtended
they subtended
Present Continuous
I am subtending
you are subtending
he/she/it is subtending
we are subtending
you are subtending
they are subtending
Present Perfect
I have subtended
you have subtended
he/she/it has subtended
we have subtended
you have subtended
they have subtended
Past Continuous
I was subtending
you were subtending
he/she/it was subtending
we were subtending
you were subtending
they were subtending
Past Perfect
I had subtended
you had subtended
he/she/it had subtended
we had subtended
you had subtended
they had subtended
I will subtend
you will subtend
he/she/it will subtend
we will subtend
you will subtend
they will subtend
Future Perfect
I will have subtended
you will have subtended
he/she/it will have subtended
we will have subtended
you will have subtended
they will have subtended
Future Continuous
I will be subtending
you will be subtending
he/she/it will be subtending
we will be subtending
you will be subtending
they will be subtending
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been subtending
you have been subtending
he/she/it has been subtending
we have been subtending
you have been subtending
they have been subtending
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been subtending
you will have been subtending
he/she/it will have been subtending
we will have been subtending
you will have been subtending
they will have been subtending
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been subtending
you had been subtending
he/she/it had been subtending
we had been subtending
you had been subtending
they had been subtending
I would subtend
you would subtend
he/she/it would subtend
we would subtend
you would subtend
they would subtend
Past Conditional
I would have subtended
you would have subtended
he/she/it would have subtended
we would have subtended
you would have subtended
they would have subtended
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Verb1.subtend - be opposite to; of angles and sides, in geometry
be - have the quality of being; (copula, used with an adjective or a predicate noun); "John is rich"; "This is not a good answer"
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vtgegenüberliegen (+dat)
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[səbˈtɛnd] vt (Geom) → sottendere
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Military and LE shooters also have lines subtending 72" to gauge how far away a 6 ft.
Still, Winslow's central point with respect to "inheritance" as a discursive object for evolutionary biology and the history and philosophy of science is spot on: "The phenomena circulating about and penetrating the sciences--their objects, their outcomes, their methodologies--are historical and constitute a fundamental structure subtending the history of science, including the view(s) science has of itself." In this respect and up to this point, which is a long way, this reviewer is entirely persuaded.
Taking Syria as an example, he contended that military action will not solve the subtending cause of terrorism in the region, which he sees as a statist issue.
Ciena said that FiberLight is leveraging its 5410 and 5150 Service Aggregation Switches, as well as Ciena's 3930, 3931 and 3960 Service Delivery Switches, with subtending G.8032 Ethernet rings, to provide increased network scalability and protection of services.
Subtending just seven millimeters at 100 yards when not illuminated, it is completely hidden within the crosshair intersection.
An access tandem solution that benefits companies currently subtending a non-IOC based tandem switch.
Green takes the opportunity in her Conclusion to enter a personal observation regarding the current state of her subject, arguing that 'It is time for the rediscovery of individuality within cultural history.' (Subtending this in an endnote, Green adds that '"individuality" is distinct from "individualism", which has a specific set of meanings within political philosophy and economic theory that are not intended here'.) There is no engagement with the issue of culturalism in the book, though this is something which perhaps one might have expected given the special vantage point that cultural history has on the above-mentioned cultural turn.
Subtending the work as a whole, this line of inquiry is supplemented along the way by related concepts of bricolage, critical mimesis, pastiche, and accommodation.
The Greek's basic trigonometric function was the ratio of a circle's chord subtending twice a given angle to the circle's radius.
1a) and many spirally placed glumes subtending (or not) a flower (Fig.