Subularia aquatica

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Noun1.Subularia aquatica - small aquatic plant having tufted awl-shaped leaves in a basal rosette and minute white flowers; circumboreal
genus Subularia, Subularia - small genus of herbs of north temperate regions and mountains of tropical Africa
aquatic plant, hydrophyte, hydrophytic plant, water plant - a plant that grows partly or wholly in water whether rooted in the mud, as a lotus, or floating without anchorage, as the water hyacinth
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Two most sensitive taxa--Isoetes echinospora Durieu and Subularia aquatica L.--have not been found since the 1960s and the 1970s, respectively.
Diagnostic species: Subularia aquatica. Constant species: Isoetes echinospora, Potamogeton perfoliatus, Subularia aquatica.