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A trademark for the hydrochloride salt of the drug buprenorphine.
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(TAP) -The customs services of the Goulette port foiled on Thursday an attempt to smuggle 1,218 tablets of subutex, 254 pills of ecstasy and 23 capsules of cannabis resin (2,260 g) as well as a plastic bag containing 215 g of white powder which might be cocaine.
A CONVICTED burglar who claimed he had been forced to receive a package of steroids and another controlled drug, Subutex, into Berwyn prison has been jailed for ten months.
Wayne Phillip Jenkins, of Furnace Bank, Carmarthen, pleaded guilty to supplying a quantity of opioid drug buprenorphine, also known as subutex, when he appeared at Llanelli Magistrates' Court yesterday.
Donna Spiby, 42, had already been given various medicines by her GP but acquired the powerful painkiller Subutex to treat her severeaches and painsthrough friends.
Prison staff at Holme House, Stockton, caught Andrew Wilson, 28, with 16 Subutex tablets wrapped in clingfilm and hidden inside paperwork.
She admitted taking cocaine hydrochloride, MDMA, and heroin treatment drug buprenorphine, also known as Subutex, into the prison.
Langford was arrested and taken to Huddersfield Police Station where he was found to be in possession of Class C drug Subutex. He tested positive for the misuse of opiates and cocaine and admitted that he sold the eight bottles of perfume he'd stolen previously to buy drugs.
That medication-assisted treatment can be Suboxone or Subutex, also called Buponephrine, or methadone maintenance.
She had bought 28 Subutex tablets ( worth more than pounds 1,000 in prison ( and hidden them in her bra.
His barrister Dan Cordey said Moor was currently using heroin treatment drug Subutex.
A number of deliveries were arranged by Baker to Feeney of the items he wished to be conveyed into prison, including spice, Valium, subutex steroids and two mobile phones and their chargers.