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Noun1.substring - a string that is part of a longer string
string - a linear sequence of symbols (characters or words or phrases)
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Mikolov, "Enriching Word Vectors with Subword Information," arXiv, preprint, arXiv:1607.04606, 2017.
It uses a function SubWord () that takes these 4-byte words as input and applies S-box to each of these words.
A few other words could be played if legitimate support could be found for an embedded subword needed for setup: benzenehexacarboxylic, dimethylanilinenoxide, and phosphoramidatehexose.
Rabiner, "Word recognition using whole word and subword models," in Proc.
[10] increased the coordination between the pixel size and subword size to maximize resource utilization for multimedia application, but the work required heavy computation.
This machine accepts words without the subword 1, 1.
Using linear algebra, we determine formulas for generating functions that count compositions of n with m parts, according to the number of occurrences of the subword pattern [tau], and according to the sum, over all occurrences of [tau], of the first integers in their respective occurrences, where [tau] is any pattern of length three with exactly 2 distinct letters.
SubWord. The SubWord routine performs a byte-by-byte substitution on a given row of the Key Schedule table using the NCL S-box.
Through Sbox, it is applied to the column the SubWord transformation (equivalent to a substitution of byte for each element of column).
Nurmi, "A coarse-grain reconfigurable architecture for multimedia applications featuring subword computation capabilities," Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, vol.