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 (so͞o-kä′, so͝ok′ə)
n. Judaism
Variant of sukkah.
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(suˈkɑ; ˈsukɔ; ˈsukə)
(Judaism) Judaism a variant spelling of sukkah
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(suˈkɑ, ˈsʊk ə)

n., pl. suc•coth, suc•cot (suˈkɔt) Eng. suc•cahs.
Hebrew. sukkah.
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Syndicat (electing a succah at a particular time of the year); Multani v Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys, 2006 SCC 6, [2006] 1 SCR 256 (wearing a kirpan); and Hutterian Brethren (not having one's photograph taken).
"No shofar, no fasting, no succah, lulaf or esrog, no mazoh, maror or cheroses--but flowers, lovely flowers, sweet flowers." (18)
Amselem--where a contested question was whether residing in a succah
(46.) "Lindsay to Construct Succah Honoring Golda," American Examiner, September 25, 1969; Jean Herschaft, "Lindsay's Sukkah Runs into Hot Water," Jewish Post & Opinion, September 26, 1969; "1,300 Turn Out for M-Karat Gala for Golda," New York Daily News, October 1, 1969; Davidoff interview.
The appeals court held that prison officials did not violate the prisoner's clearly established First Amendment free exercise rights when they denied his requests to erect and eat his meals in a temporary structure or "succah" during a Jewish festival, entitling them to qualified immunity.
(5) The Court has also held that a province need not exempt members of a small religious group from a photo requirement for driver's licences, (6) that a Sikh high school student in Quebec could not be prevented from bringing his kirpan to class (7) and that a Quebec condominium syndicate could not prohibit owners from erecting succah on their balconies, although they had apparently signed an agreement to the contrary.
Jewish Events Willamette Valley - Third annual Succah Crawl will continue Sunday, weather permitting.
Observant Jews can set up a succah on commonly owned property contrary to the terms of a declaration of co-ownership, but a Hutterite cannot refuse to provide a photo for a driver's licence.
In Amselem, Orthodox Jews, who co-owned condominium units in Montreal, asserted a right to build a succah on their balconies to celebrate a nine-day festival.
(1) Shauna Van Praagh, "View from the Succah: Religion and Neighbourly Relations" in Richard Moon, ed, Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2008) 21 at 23.