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 (so͞o-kôt′, so͝o-kōs′, so͝ok′əs)
n. Judaism
Variant of Sukkot.


(ˈsʊkəʊt; -kəʊθ; Hebrew suːˈkɔt)
(Judaism) a variant spelling of Sukkoth


or Suk•kot or Suk•kos

(ˈsʊk əs, suˈkɔt, -ˈkoʊs)

a Jewish festival beginning on the 15th day of Tishri that celebrates the harvest and commemorates the temporary huts used by the Israelites in the wilderness.
[< Hebrew sukkōth literally, booths]
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Noun1.Succoth - a major Jewish festival beginning on the eve of the 15th of Tishri and commemorating the shelter of the Israelites during their 40 years in the wildernessSuccoth - a major Jewish festival beginning on the eve of the 15th of Tishri and commemorating the shelter of the Israelites during their 40 years in the wilderness
Judaism - the monotheistic religion of the Jews having its spiritual and ethical principles embodied chiefly in the Torah and in the Talmud
church festival, religious festival - a festival having religious significance
Jewish holy day - a religious holiday for Jews
Tishri - the first month of the civil year; the seventh month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar (in September and October)
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In previous Jerusalem appearances, Jesus has already cleared out the Temple-space in chapter 2, has been back up to Galilee and down to the big city twice, necessarily traveling "underground" and incognito in the itinerary he has been keeping in Judea, only to show up suddenly once again publicly in chapter 7 to interrupt the week-long process of Succoth doings.
The West Musgrave project includes the Nebo-Babel copper-nickel sulphide deposits and the Succoth copper deposit.
According to the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin "cordially" congratulated Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on his birthday, and sent greetings on the occasion of Succoth.
Differently, the profile portrait face of Daniel Elijah Benjamin (Gadkar)--who died shortly after he was interviewed--floats, skullcap (kippah) on his head, in a circle of gold-leaf that, in turn, like a Byzantine halo floats within Pune's Succoth Shelomo Synagogue interior, just above the pulpit (tevah).
First, the triple repetition of the word Succoth in a single verse calls for our attention.
Instead, she actually begins at the close of the holiday: "The little huts perched on the balconies of the houses in the city of Outremont during the holiday of Succoth with their roofs of bamboo and ferns have all been packed away" (152).
In addition to the housing construction, there will be the requirement for upgrade works to the existing road serving Succoth.
She is believed to have got off at Tarbet, by Loch Lomond, before walking the couple of miles west to Succoth and into the Argyll Forest Park, where she was found.
In the course of the same letter in which he had called his son to task for failing to invest his "discretionary" funds appropriately, as well as asking his son to attempt the recovery and return of the escaped Haitian slaves, Mordecai asked his son to send him "the Kippur" and "the Succoth," both of which were volumes from David Levi's Forms of Prayer.
Locals in the nearby hamlet of Succoth at the head of Loch Long claimed the head and hands of the corpse were missing.
The condominium syndicate applied for an emergency injunction on the eve of the Succoth holiday.
From Rameses they came, from Succoth, from Etham, from Marah.