Succus entericus

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(Physiol.) A fluid secreted in small by certain glands (probably the glands of Lieberkühn) of the small intestines. Its exact action is somewhat doubtful.

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Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy (UGIE) showed that there was no peptic ulcer or pyloric obstruction, and revealed a normal policae circulane mucosa of the descending duodenum, while excessively stained succus entericus was observed in large quantities in the horizontal part of her duodenum.
The freshly collected succus entericus or bile was drained into a sterile bag and reinfused back to the distal limb of the fistula through a Foley catheter at specific rate in accordance with the stoma output.
During the operation the right colon was noted to have perforated into the tumor, with succus entericus grossly visible.