Sucker fish

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2, 2018 photo, a Colorado River razorback sucker fish is shown swimming in a tank at the U.S.
They had caught two white sucker fish the size of my arm and were consuming them from the head down.
The rare Blue-headed Sucker fish is a plastic bowl sticking out of the wall with attractive small fish swimming all over it, made from plastic milk bottles, CDs and blue ink tint.
The increased flows would benefit endangered sucker fish that are sacred to the tribes.
LCRA also recommends reducing "environmental releases" mandated by the state during the spawning season of the threatened blue sucker fish. The LCRA's state-approved Water Management Plan currently requires a release of 500 cubic feet per second (cfs) into the Colorado River for six weeks during the fish's spawning season, but the LCRA has proposed lowering the requirement to 300 cubic feet per second.
In Florida we have a large variety of baits to use: bluegills and other sunfish, large shiners, bullheads, sucker fish and even some saltwater baits will work such as live mullet and bull minnows.
We failed, but we did catch a bunch of sucker fish, and it was fun, and that's kind of where we got hooked.
“We have fish, The Mayan Cichlid (Cichlasoma urophthalmus) and The Sucker Fish (Hypostomus plecostomus) which were both collected in Cape Coral, Florida, USA.
A complete set of 1972 plastic swivel stools adorns the bar, behind which is a spacious fish tank containing a single, apparently ravenous sucker fish.
This meant, said the BOR, that Upper Klamath Lake must be kept at historic high levels for the sucker fish and that more water had to be released into the Klamath River for the coho--ergo, water for the fishies, not for the farmers.
All the diners were filmed by hidden cameras as they chatted about topics ranging from sucker fish to sex changes to Michael Caine's recipe for roast potatoes.