Sucker rod

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a pump rod. See under Pump.

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The pump barrel is the metal cylinder in which the plunger of a sucker rod reciprocates and is an integral part of most downhole pump systems used in oil & gas wells.
The product portfolio of the company includes ESPs, gas lifts, horizontal surface pumps, sucker rod pumping, progressing cavity pumps, surface electrical equipment and services, artificial lift applications (subsea lift systems, industrial pump systems, and dewatering pump systems), and real-time monitoring and optimization.
Last September, Materion introduced its patent-pending ToughMet 3 Sucker Rod Couplings which significantly extend coupling and production tubing life.
One end of the sucker rod had male threads and the other end had female threads.
The lifts used include continuous and intermittent gas lifts and sucker rod pumps.
Among the trainers for the workshop are General Electric Company for Electrical Submersible Pumps, Weatherford for Sucker Rod Technologies and Baker Hughes for the Artificial Lift Selection.
During the process of sucking viscoelastic fluid, clearance between pump barrel and plunger, and rod tube flow passage lead to the increase of down resistance of the sucker rod, the resistance reduces gradually from the largest value at the bottom to the neutral point, which causes lateral force of the rod string, and results in partial wear.
The development wells will be completed with thermal casing in order to facilitate steam injection as part of a cyclic steam soak pilot project and fitted with a sucker rod pump.
An Approach to the Design Calculation of Sucker Rod Pumping Systems in Coalbed Methane Wells, Chinese Journal Of Mechanical Engineering, Vol.
We recently picked up over a ton of pipe and sucker rod (1/2" to 1" solid rod used in oil rigs) because as I drove by a pipe company, I saw a guy dumping 15' sections into a dumpster that had "SCRAP" painted on the side.
This so-called sucker rod is responsible for connecting the pump to the power source.
Two more-specialized programs Chem-Cor 1 and Petro-Cor 1 cover selection of materials for sulfuric acid/oleum systems and sucker rod pumps respectively.