Suction chamber

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the chamber of a pump into which the suction pipe delivers.

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The flow characteristics inside a double-suction centrifugal pump with a specific speed [n.sub.s] of 160 (r/min x [([m.sup.3]/s).sup.1/2] x [m.sup.-3/4]) was investigated here, and the main hydraulic components of the pump include a suction chamber, an impeller, and volute casing.
The volumes (the active cups) are composed of the gaps between the teeth that pass successively through the suction chamber and consequently create a suction pressure and form a surplus space as the teeth leave the meshing area.
The temperature of the gas entering the cylinder is assumed equal to the one measured at the suction chamber. Due to space restrictions, the temperatures of the cylinder wall and of the main bearings are measured by inserting the thermocouples into holes drilled in the compressor block, so that the tip of the sensor is located at approximately 1 mm (0.04 in.) from the surfaces of the cylinder and bearings, respectively.
The heated gas is cooled on the pressure side and partially returned to the suction chamber. This allows continuous operation in high pressure ranges.
The pump was composed of three main parts: a combustion chamber, fitted with an exhaust valve, gas and air mixture, scavenge air valve and spark plug; the water suction chamber and valves; and the playpipe, connecting to an elevated tank and outlet pipe.
The new dry chest drainage system doesn't use water in the suction chamber. A dynamic automatic control valve (ACV) is located inside the regulator which continuously balances the forces of suction and the atmosphere.
The essence of this device, is its ability to sample a larger area than is currently sampled by existing devices, and has a bigger suction chamber than these do, enabling it to obtain more tissue during the procedure.