Suction pipe

the induction pipe, and induction valve, of a pump, respectively.

See also: Suction

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A floating boom corals the cranberries, and the wading team use snow shovels to push the berries towards a huge suction pipe for collection.
Specialist beekeepers used a suction pipe to safely remove the insects before they were placed into a temporary, portable hive.
One of the most efficient and versatile types of modern dredges is the cutter suction dredge which uses a cutter located at the entrance to the suction pipe to excavate the sediment bed at the bottom of a ship channel.
The negative pressure zone is set corresponding to an angular range from the receiving position to the delivery position, the non-negative pressure zone is set corresponding to another angular range from the delivery position to the receiving position, and wherein a middle chamber member arranged between the negative pressure chamber drum and the holding section in the radius direction is in communication with the internal space of the negative pressure chamber drum via the first suction pipe and the second suction pipe.
The automatic sprinkling system was able to put out the blaze that began in a suction pipe, but smoke filled a part of the second floor where restaurants and commercial shops are located.
Among the topics are the numerical analysis of the residual stresses caused by forming process in conical mini-parts, three-edge drilling versus two-edge drilling in aluminum parts, the effect of suction pipe diameter and submergence ratio on air lift pumping rate, and the design and simulation of a mechanism for assisting human leg motion.
Moreover the new suction pipe" design enables the adjustment of the flow reversal namely from inside to outside and from outside to inside.
The kit includes a supercharger assembly, traction oil, installation bracket, suction pipe and blow off, intercooler assembly, intercooler pipe, an ECU adjustment and additional bracket parts.
As such, there was a large stainless screen on the end of the suction pipe to keep out rats, snakes, cattails, paper, etc.
If the pool or spa is equipped with an unblockable drain suction system that will introduce air into the suction pipe in the event of an obstruction in the suction outlet or piping, the system is exempt from the drain cover requirements.
Griffin Non-Clog Pumps feature a nonclog impeller capable of handling stringy materials and solids up to 4 1/2 inches and a large clean out port for hassle-flee removal of large debris over 4 1/2 inches without removing suction pipe or hose.