Sudan grass

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Sudan′ grass`

a sorghum, Sorghum sudanense, introduced into the U.S. from Africa: grown for hay and pasture.
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Islamabad -- Thirty three Maize Hybrids, two Pearl Millet (fodder), two Sorghum Sudan Grass, one Sorghum hybrid have been recommended for commercial cultivation in Pakistan by the Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) on Maize, Sorghum, Millet, Fodder and other cereals in a meeting held at Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC), Hqs, Islamabad.
ISLAMABAD -- The Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) of the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) approved 33 maize hybrids, 2 pearl millet (fodder), 02 sorghum sudan grass and 1 sorghum hybrid for commercial cultivation.
The effects of mineral fertilizers application were highest in Sudan grass crop, which is in accordance with Ikanovic et al.
In addition, it is possible to cultivate Sudan grass, barley, millet and other forage crops.
Based on the aforementioned scenario, the present study aimed to evaluate the effect of seed size of Sudan grass (Sorghum sudanense L.) standardized on density on parameters of physiological quality and crop productivity.
A poster competition themed Seed production, green fodder yield, fodder nutritional quality, hay and silage production, abiotic stresses/biotic stresses and biotechnology innovations in fodder crops (Sorghum, Sudan grass, Maize, Oats, Berseem, Alfalfa, Guar, Barley, wheat, Soybean, annual/perennial grasses was also held on the occasion.
The nutritional value of hybrids between sorghum and Sudan grass for cutting and grazing has little variation among the materials available in the market, however the productivity depends on suitable climatic conditions and soil fertility, and an increased productivity is found in cuts at more advanced stages.
In India, 22 month-old calves fed a mixture of fresh Sudan grass (Sorghum x drummondii) and rice bean forage (54:46 fresh basis) for 64 days had a DM intake of 1.90 kg DM/100 kg LW and a daily weight gain of 456 g [day.sup.-1] (Singh et al., 2000).
Those treatments were sesame straw, sorghum straw, rice straw, Sudan grass, and no mulch.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of previously selected rhizobia on the yield of sudan grass, millet, aries grass and sorghum forage.
Many types of crops are being used for biogas production including maize sorghum sunflower sudan grass fodder beet poor oat grass meadows small-sedge poor-fen meadow and montane hay meadow.
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