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 (sŭd′bĕr′ē, -bə-rē)
A city of southern Ontario, Canada, north of Georgian Bay. It grew as a lumbering and mining center.


(ˈsʌdbərɪ; -brɪ)
(Placename) a city in central Canada, in Ontario: a major nickel-mining centre. Pop: 103 879 (2001)


(ˈsʌdˌbɛr i, -bə ri)

a city in S Ontario, in S Canada. 88,717.
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Noun1.Sudbury - a city in south central Canada in OntarioSudbury - a city in south central Canada in Ontario; a major nickel mining center
Ontario - a prosperous and industrialized province in central Canada
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When I looked across the pond from this peak toward the Sudbury meadows, which in time of flood I distinguished elevated perhaps by a mirage in their seething valley, like a coin in a basin, all the earth beyond the pond appeared like a thin crust insulated and floated even by this small sheet of interverting water, and I was reminded that this on which I dwelt was but dry land.
In 2001, Sudbury's amalgamation with the towns of Valley East, Rayside Balfour, Onaping Falls, Walden, Capreol and Nickel Centre formed the City of Greater Sudbury.
Counselling: Sudbury Action Centre For Youth (Sudbury, ON); York Region Abuse Program (Newmarket, ON); Hospice of Waterloo Region (Kitchener, ON)
Jansons (Editors) Ontario Geological Survey Sudbury, Ontario Special volume 6, 2002, 228 p.
But currently the city is trying to build a new image for itself, one that paints Sudbury as a town that has more to be proud of than simply its mining industry.
Archdeacon Thomas Corston of the diocese of Algoma will be tried in ecclesiastical court June 2 in Sudbury, Ont.
In the first scientific data to emerge from the Sudbury (Ontario) Neutrino Observatory (SNO) in Canada, physicists have found evidence that their most fundamental theory of the universe--the so-called standard model (SN: 7/1/95, p.
A series of construction efforts at Laurentian University are just part of a slew of projects occurring within various institutions within the City of Greater Sudbury
SUDBURY -- Canadian Mental Health Association, Sudbury Branch, has opened The Warm Line, a two year project that offers pre-crisis peer support to people with mental illness or mental health problems: The services provided are based on a recovery approach; the new funding will help with transition as the Warm Line is incorporated into the new service system; a pilot project operating in partnership with local police and the Sudbury Regional Hospital Crisis Service.
Cinefest Sudbury, Ontario, focusing on Canadian films and filmmakers, is well organized, well sponsored and features an impressive array of very diverse titles from all over the world.
Called the Sudbury structure, it contains some of the world's greatest nickel-copper ore deposits, but questions about its origin have long stymied geologists.