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 (so͞o-dāt′n-lănd′, -länt′, zo͞o-)
A historical region of the northern Czech Republic along the Polish border. Long inhabited by ethnic Germans, it was seized by the Nazis in September 1938 and was restored to Czechoslovakia in 1945, after which the German population was expelled.


(Placename) a mountainous region of the N Czech Republic: part of Czechoslovakia (1919–38; 1945–93); occupied by Germany (1938–45). Also called: the Sudeten


(suˈdeɪt nˌlænd, -ˌlɑnt)

a mountainous region in the N Czech Republic, including the Sudeten and the Erzgebirge: annexed by Germany 1938; returned to Czechoslovakia 1945. Also called Sudeten.


nSudetenland nt
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He thought that German claims to the Sudentenland were legitimate and was enormously impressed by the leisure organization "Strength Through Joy.
well I say cat, I don't think it is too much of an exaggeration to describe this puss as a mini-Hitler intent on annexing my front garden into some kind of feline Sudentenland.
He paid his way through the most sensitive parts of the area -South Tyrol, the Sudentenland, the Baltic States, Danzig -by writing reports for The Birmingham Post.