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 (so͞o-dā′tn, zo͞o-) also Su·de·tes (so͞o-dē′tēz)
A series of mountain ranges along the Czech-Polish border between the Elbe and Oder Rivers. The mountains extend for about 300 km (185 mi) and rise to 1,602 m (5,256 ft).


(suˈdeɪt n)

1. Also, Su•de•tes (suˈdi tiz) Czech, Su•de•ty (ˈsʊ dɛ tɪ) a mountain range in E central Europe, extending along the N boundary of the Czech Republic between the Elbe and Oder rivers. Highest peak, 5259 ft. (1603 m).
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Hitler could claim, with some justification, that the architects of the 1919 Paris Peace had treated Sudeten Germans unjustly.
After the agreement reached in Munich with Adolf Hitler in 1938, the Sudeten Germans seceded from Czechoslovakia and joined Germany.
Or a Jew who had to leave Germany in 1938, a Sudeten German who was pushed out of Czechoslovakia in 1945, or a Syrian child who was barrel-bombed and forced to leave Aleppo last year.
Coleoptera: Scolytidae) to changing breeding conditions in a forest decline area in the Sudeten Mountains, Poland.
The SdP won 68% of the Sudeten vote in the 1935 parliamentary elections, making it one of the strongest political parties in Czechoslovakia.
He drew a parallel with Czechoslovakia which had been partitioned to provide safeguards to the Sudeten Germans, and warned, almost prophetically, that the same might happen in India should the majority community persist in its "present course".
Gravity measurements were carried out on nine points of the geodynamic networks HIGHLANDS and WEST SUDETEN and five sites of the Czech Gravity Reference Network (Kujal et al.
The essays are grouped around four subthemes: 1) Early Modern connections and cultural transfer reflected in the land tenure and art patronage of regional nobility, 2) nineteenth-century connections forged through population and cultural mobility, 3) diverse twentieth-century interconnections represented by Sudeten German artists in the late 1930s and Saxon uranium mining after World War II.
Deutsche Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei (DNSAP-Austria), which could just play a minimal role in Austrian politics, the Czechoslovak version managed to muster a great deal of votes owing to the sizable Sudeten (German Bohemian) population in Czechoslovakia.
But I could give him my personal opinion which was that, on principle, I had nothing to say against the separation of the Sudeten Germans from the rest of Czechoslovakia, provided that the practical difficulties could be overcome.
Region Number of Number of Nucleotide diversity individuals haplotypes [+ or -] SD Sudeten Mts.
Tenders are invited for Construction of municipal roads leading to degraded areas located around the water tank industrial Sudeten Bielawa - Phase I within ul.