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 (so͞o-dā′tn, zo͞o-) also Su·de·tes (so͞o-dē′tēz)
A series of mountain ranges along the Czech-Polish border between the Elbe and Oder Rivers. The mountains extend for about 300 km (185 mi) and rise to 1,602 m (5,256 ft).
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(suˈdeɪt n)

1. Also, Su•de•tes (suˈdi tiz) Czech, Su•de•ty (ˈsʊ dɛ tɪ) a mountain range in E central Europe, extending along the N boundary of the Czech Republic between the Elbe and Oder rivers. Highest peak, 5259 ft. (1603 m).
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His reference to world appeasing Hitler was about the 1938 Munich Pact that British and French prime ministers Neville Chamberlain and Edouard Daladier signed with Nazi leader Adolf Hitler under which Germany annexed Sudeten region of Czechoslovakia, while the Czech government was anticipating that Britain and France would come to its assistance against German invasion.
By this point, Hitler had already invaded Austria and was looking to the Sudeten area of Czechoslovakia.
It is not the first time that European media draw parallels between Erdogan and Hitler: in April 2017, the German newspaper Die Welt published an article comparing the high level of support for the Turkish President's constitutional referendum on enhancing his powers with the support of Sudeten Germans for the Nazi leader in the 1930s.
In: 16th Czech- Polish Workshop "On Recent Geodynamics of the Sudeten and Adjacent Areas", Srebrna Gora, Poland, November 5-7, Abstracts, 23.
Hitler could claim, with some justification, that the architects of the 1919 Paris Peace had treated Sudeten Germans unjustly.
After the agreement reached in Munich with Adolf Hitler in 1938, the Sudeten Germans seceded from Czechoslovakia and joined Germany.
Or a Jew who had to leave Germany in 1938, a Sudeten German who was pushed out of Czechoslovakia in 1945, or a Syrian child who was barrel-bombed and forced to leave Aleppo last year.
Some reactions of Ips typographus (L.) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) to changing breeding conditions in a forest decline area in the Sudeten Mountains, Poland.
The SdP won 68% of the Sudeten vote in the 1935 parliamentary elections, making it one of the strongest political parties in Czechoslovakia.
He drew a parallel with Czechoslovakia which had been partitioned to provide safeguards to the Sudeten Germans, and warned, almost prophetically, that the same might happen in India should the majority community persist in its "present course".