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A member of the lowest of the four major castes of traditional Indian society, comprising artisans, laborers, and menials.
Of or relating to the caste of Sudras.

[Sanskrit śūdraḥ.]


(Hinduism) the lowest of the four main Hindu castes, the workers
[C17: from Sanskrit]


or Su•dra

(ˈʃu drə, ˈsu-)

n., pl. -dras.
a Hindu of the lowest caste, that of the workers.
Compare Brahman (def. 1), Kshatriya, Vaisya.
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Noun1.Sudra - a member of the lowest or worker Hindu caste
shudra, sudra - the lowest of the four varnas: the servants and workers of low status
Hindoo, Hindu, Hindustani - a native or inhabitant of Hindustan or India
2.sudra - the lowest of the four varnas: the servants and workers of low status
varna - (Hinduism) the name for the original social division of Vedic people into four groups (which are subdivided into thousands of jatis)
Shudra, Sudra - a member of the lowest or worker Hindu caste
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He says again, "Land grants in tribal areas led to the assimilation of the aborigines in varna society as sudras and made them agriculturalists" (Sharma 74).
Los brahmanes son los sacerdotes que se dedican a estudiar las escrituras sagradas (sastras); los ksatriyas son los guerreros, los lideres politicos; los vaisyas son los comerciantes, y los sudras son los trabajadores ordinarios.
74), but it is only Susruta who "makes mention of the student's class background (varna) and he does not rule out that sudras may be taught," albeit without Vedic mantras.
The caste composition of immigrants was: Brahmin (priest), Kshatriya (warriors and rulers), Vaishya (business and agricultural caste), and Sudras (menial caste), which interestingly matched the caste composition of the area where Indians came from, which meant that more Indians from the low caste than the high caste came to the Caribbean.
26) Rig Veda mentions a black Kanva who is the poet of hymns and Dirghatamas the singer as dark skinned (27) which shows that not all the dark-skinned people were sudras doing menial jobs but that they also were accepted among the educated and intellectuals.
La invita a vivir en su palacio a lo cual ella acepta estar como una viuda, pero no comera los restos de la comida, como los sudras, la casta mas baja entre los hindues, ni se lavara los pies, esto en senal de duelo.
The Kstsrays invaded India as the leaders of the Aryans and found native Indians the Dravidian as uncivilized and uncultured and put them in the fourth group of workers and labors calling them the Sudras which were considered as the untouchable and the lowest caste.
This custom was prevalent in Sudras "To avoid such a fate, a widow had to lead a low life, sometimes as a prostitute, she associated with a creature so degraded who is accounted utterly infamous, because of the dishonor"19.
The Dalits, who were beneath all castes, did work considered too dirty for the Sudras.
The four distinct Varnas or castes that are mutually exclusive, hereditary, endogamous, and occupation-specific are the Brahmins (priests), Kshatriyas (warriors), Vaisyas (traders & merchants), and Sudras (those engaged in menial jobs).