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Suf·folk 1

1. A historical region of eastern England bordering on the North Sea. Settled in prehistoric times, it was part of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia. Its name means the "southern people," as opposed to the "northern people" of Norfolk.
2. (also -ôk′) An independent city of southeast Virginia southeast of Portsmouth, it was burned by the British in 1779 and occupied by Union forces in 1862.

Suf·folk 2

1. Any of a breed of hornless sheep developed in England, having a black face and legs and raised primarily for meat.
2. Any of a breed of draft horses developed in England, having a chestnut coat and short legs.

[After Suffolk, a county of eastern England.]


(Placename) a county of SE England, on the North Sea: its coast is flat and marshy, indented by broad tidal estuaries. Administrative centre: Ipswich. Pop: 678 100 (2003 est). Area: 3800 sq km (1467 sq miles)


(Breeds) a black-faced breed of sheep


(ˈsʌf ək)

1. a county in E England. 661,900; 1470 sq. mi. (3805 sq. km).
2. a city in SE Virginia. 52,141.
3. one of an English breed of sheep having a black face and legs.
4. one of an English breed of chestnut draft horses having a deep body and short legs.


A large workhorse developed in England, presumably from black and dun stocks that were being imported into Great Britain by the eleventh century.
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At parting, my aunt gave me some good advice, and a good many kisses; and said that as her object was that I should look about me, and should think a little, she would recommend me to stay a few days in London, if I liked it, either on my way down into Suffolk, or in coming back.
A Suffolk Punch, when he's a good un, is worth his weight in gold.
"North Shingles Villa, Aldborough, Suffolk, July 22d.
In this house the despicable little miser, who lived rent free in London, now lives, rent free again, on the coast of Suffolk. He is settled in his present abode for the summer and autumn; and you and Mrs.
It seemed at least possible that some among his many friends in Suffolk might have discovered traces of him, in the year that had passed since I had left England.
On our arrival in London, I started for Suffolk alone--at my mother's request.
The woman was a stranger in our part of Suffolk; neither she nor her husband had ever heard of Dermody's name.
Contract: provision of security services at events in the apex & athenaeum - west suffolk - invitation to quote
The median price of homes contracted for sale in Suffolk County last month climbed 6.8 percent, rising from $370,000 in April 2018 to $385,000 in April 2019, according to numbers from the Multiple Listing Service of Long Island.
Trade Partner Diversity Officer Suffolk Construction
Suffolk County Transit has announced that more than 20 of their New Flyer buses will be equipped with Allison Transmission's electric hybrid.
Securities and Exchange Commission, affirmed the 'BBB' rating on approximately $335 million of revenue bonds issued on behalf of Suffolk University, MA (Suffolk).

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