n.1.A building in which sugar is made or refined; a sugar manufactory.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Oil-works, silk-works, white-lead-works, the sugar-house, steam-saws, the great mills and factories,
The luxuriant mop is also gone in Sugar-house as Hoodwink is a skinhead, which only adds to his visual ferocity.
And the Sugar-house Commons is a project that recycled low usage retail sites accessible only by car with higher intensity uses accessible by both cars and pedestrians.
CHECK them out on February 21 at Dundee Fat Sams; 22 and 23, Glasgow Garage; 25, Hull Tower; 26, Middlesbrough Crypt; 27, Lancaster Sugar-house; 29, Nottingham Rig; March 1, Leeds Cockpit; 2, Sheffield Leadmill; 4 and 5, Manchester Boardwalk; 6, Norwich Waterfront; 8, Brighton Centre; 9, Essex University; 10, Cardiff Uni; 12, Portsmouth Pyramid; 13, Exeter Uni; 15, Leeds Cockpit; 17, Northampton Roadmender; 18, Leicester De Montford Uni; 19, Reading Uni; 20, Worcester Northwick Theatre; 22 and 23, London ULU.
It is transferred to a nearby sugar-house, where it is boiled down into syrup.