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also Soe·har·to (so͞o-här′tō) 1921—2008.
Indonesian military and political leader who seized power in 1967 and was elected president in 1968. He resigned under pressure in 1998 following an economic crisis.


(Biography) T. N. J. 1921–2008, Indonesian general and statesman; president (1968–98)


(suˈhɑr toʊ)

Raden, born 1921, president of Indonesia 1968–98.
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Noun1.Suharto - Indonesian statesman who seized power from Sukarno in 1967 (born in 1921)
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Let's remember: After pushing aside Indonesia's founding president Sukarno in 1965, Suharto and his military killed as many as one million people.
The stunning series of events culminating in Indonesia's President Suharto stepping down and his psychopathic son-in-law, Lieut.
But President Suharto, who ruled his country with an iron fist for 32 years, left one of his lackeys in charge.
HATED President Suharto finally quit yesterday, a broken man - but the crisis in Indonesia is far from over.
For President Suharto, his family and his cronies, the story is more complex.
I was shocked when I read that President Duterte called on the military to do what General Suharto did to Indonesian communists.
The End of Personal Rule in Indonesia: Golkar and the Transformation of the Suharto Regime
Work was stopped due to involvement in the venture by Suharto's family and the unrest in 1998.
JAKARTA: Reviled by many as symbols of kleptocratic misrule, the children of Indonesia s late former dictator Suharto are staging a political comeback after more than a decade in the wilderness.
JAKARTA: Former Indonesian president Suharto, the US Cold War ally who led one of the 20th century's harshest and most corrupt dictatorships over 32 years that saw up to a million political opponents killed, died yesterday.
An Indonesian court on Thursday ordered a charitable foundation run by the late Indonesian dictator Suharto to pay back about $110 million in stolen funds to the government.
INDONESIA'S former dictator Suharto has died aged 86.