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or suc·cah  (so͞o-kä′, so͝ok′ə)
n. Judaism
A temporary hutlike structure partly roofed with branches, used as a ritual dwelling space by Jews in celebrating Sukkot.

[Hebrew sukkâ; see Sukkot.]


(suˈkɑ; ˈsukɔ; ˈsukə) or


(Judaism) a temporary structure with a roof of branches in which orthodox Jews eat and, if possible, sleep during the festival of Sukkoth. Also called: tabernacle
[from Hebrew, literally: tabernacle]


(suˈkɑ, ˈsʊk ə)

n., pl. suk•koth, suk•kot (suˈkɔt) Eng. suk•kahs.
Hebrew. a booth or hut roofed with branches, used during Sukkoth as a temporary dining or living area.
[sukkāh literally, booth]
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In mid-October, a group of around 40 people gathered in a Brooklyn backyard under the most beautiful sukkah I have ever seen.
Since the Sukkot holiday is a time when Jewish people traditionally spend much of their time in a special hut, a large sukkah is built around the sidewalk cafe.
While nobody in their right mind looks to the sky, on the eve of Sukkot awaiting the miraculous descent of their Sukkah from the heavens, somehow this has become a widely held view of the arrival of the Third Holy Temple.
49) In this case, an individual of the Jewish faith erected a sukkah on the balcony of his condominium, which was in contravention of the condominium corporation by-laws.
Regardless of the accuracy of the event's origins, the hut-like sukkah eventually became a symbol of the holiday, its meaning articulated in the (https://www.
The Center will feature event space for 100 or more people, a chapel, meeting rooms, student lounges, offices for Drexel Hillel, a kosher kitchen and kosher food services, as well as a large outdoor patio for socializing and construction of a Sukkah.
We've been playing around with certified kosher Besamim liqueur from Sukkah Hill Spirits," says Trevor Tyler, beverage director at Eureka Restaurant Group.
Jewish refugees flee to Shanghai to escape the Nazis, and a Jewish boy and a Chinese boy build a sukkah and a friendship.
This is reflected in talmudic statements that "when the Torah was forgotten among Israel, Ezra came from Babylonia and established it" (TB Sukkah 20a), and that "Ezra would have been worthy of giving the Torah, had not Moses preceded him" (TB Sanhedrin 21b).
Pomegranate Art Show Reception and Oregon Jewish Museum Sukkah Competition Exhibit and Talk - 5:30 p.
Add text updates or images, like New York-based artist Danielle Durchslag, who posted photos of herself smiling and jumping for joy whenever the funding level for her art installation, "A Wandering Sukkah," increased by a significant amount.
19) Four tractates (the others are Sukkah, Kiddushin, and Ta'anit) are credited to Uri Phoebus, but Sukkah is generally believed to be a Dyhernfurth imprint, and the other two are in doubt.