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or Suk·koth or Suc·coth (so͞o-kôt′, so͝ok′əs)
n. Judaism
A harvest festival commemorating the booths in which the Israelites resided during their 40 years in the wilderness, lasting for either 7 or 8 days and beginning on the eve of the 15th of Tishri.

[Hebrew sukkôt, (feast) of booths (commemorating the temporary shelters of the Jews in the wilderness), pl. of sukkâ, booth, from sākak, to weave together, screen; see skk in Semitic roots.]
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In October, the last day of Sukot, three hundred men from Dabrowa Gornicza were deported to the Grofi-Mislowitz forced labor camp (Mitelman 166).
The new additions include NEW YEAR'S DAY (9780778747628), VETERAN'S DAY (9780778747673), PURIM (9780778747642), SUKOT (9780778747666) and COLUMBUS DAY (9780778747604).
Celebran la <<Fiesta Solemne de los Azimos o Pascua>> (segunda fiesta catolica despues del nacimiento de Jesus y primera fiesta entre los Judios); la <<Fiesta Solemne de las Semanas o Pentecostes>>, que es igual a la fiesta Catolica; y la <<Solemne Fiesta de las Cabanas o Tabernaculos>> que se asemejaria al Sukot judio.