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Noun1.Sula - type genus of the SulidaeSula - type genus of the Sulidae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Sulidae, Sulidae - gannets and boobies
solan, solan goose, solant goose, Sula bassana - very large white gannet with black wing tips
booby - small tropical gannet having a bright bill or bright feet or both
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We served the Sultan of Sula. We fought the Spaniards.
Technically, Tavish and Bonny are mine and Sula and Alfie are Mark's, but a cuddle is a cuddle and they don't care who they get it from.
In the framework of this meeting, the report of Honduras on the preparations for the XVII Tuxtla Summit was received, which will take place in San Pedro Sula in August 2019.
Sabang and Sula villages are separated by Vinzons River.
Malu Calubaquib, Police Regional Office 5 (PRO-5) spokesperson said that the illegal drugs were found and recovered by Alfredo Vega, and his son Alfredo Jr., both residents of Barangay Sula Vinzons, while fishing near the Quinamnucan Island.
Sula cleared Revilla of any participation in the scam and asserted Revilla never received any kickback.
Villarin issued the statement after Sula backtracked on her 2014 testimony against Revilla on Thursday before the Sandiganbayan.
In addition, we will develop two instances of problematic, two networks of singular mo(ve)ments for Toni Morrison's Sula ([1973] 2004): one, based on the synthesis of emotions--we will see how this problematic fails to take us beyond the human--and another, based on the synthesis of affects--the problematic that will draw a line of flight and open up the realm of the virtual.
Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez announced that starting in April of 2017, through Air Europa, there will be one weekly flight from Madrid to San Pedro Sula. The airline chose to begin flights in April and run them until October, in time for Europe's high season for tourism.
Like Joe, Sula assigns herself a counterpart in nature, a soul tree, which, she explains on her death bed, represents her unique ability to live according to nature, outside of the normalizing strictures of conventional society.
(NYSE: JKS), a company involved in the PV industry, has provided around three MW of PV modules to Embotelladora de Sula SA for Honduras' largest rooftop solar system.
SHATTERED CITY Policeman examines a bullet-riddled car in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.