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 (so͞o′lä-wā′sē) also Cel·e·bes (sĕl′ə-bēz′, sə-lē′bēz′, sĕ-lā′bĕs)
An irregularly shaped island of central Indonesia on the equator east of Borneo. Noted for its many endemic animal species, it is inhabited by various Austronesian peoples and was colonized by the Portuguese (1500s) and Dutch (1600s) before joining the Republic of Indonesia in 1950.


(Placename) an island in E Indonesia: mountainous and forested, with volcanoes and hot springs. Pop: 14 946 488 (2000). Area (including adjacent islands): 229 108 sq km (88 440 sq miles). Also called: Celebes


(ˌsu lɑˈweɪ si)

an island in central Indonesia, E of Borneo. 10,409,533 with adjacent islands; 72,986 sq. mi. (189,034 sq. km). Formerly, Celebes.
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Noun1.Sulawesi - a mountainous island in eastern Indonesia
Dutch East Indies, Indonesia, Republic of Indonesia - a republic in southeastern Asia on an archipelago including more than 13,000 islands; achieved independence from the Netherlands in 1945; the principal oil producer in the Far East and Pacific regions
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In collaboration with the South Sulawesi Provincial Government, KLHK launched the Social Forestry Service Co-Creation House 4.0 (8/25).
Jakarta, August 17, 2019, SPA -- Seven people were killed and four others were missing after a ferry caught fire off Indonesia's Sulawesi island, state media reported on Saturday, according to dpa.
It owns producing gold mines, which is located at Penjom, Malaysia and Lanut in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
The national disaster agency said the tsunami warning issued for North Sulawesi and North Maluku was canceled just after midnight, about two hours after the quake hit.
A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 on the Richter scale hit the Mariana Island in the Pacific Ocean last night while a medium quake with a magnitude of 5.1 was reported in Sulawesi, Indonesia early this morning.
12 (Petra)-- Indonesia lifted a tsunami warning but urged people to remain vigilant and evacuate to higher ground after an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 struck off the coast of its island of Sulawesi. Indonesia suffered its highest death toll in natural disasters in more than a decade last year, following two major tsunamis and several earthquakes, with more than 3,000 killed in Palu, also in Central Sulawesi, the site of Friday's earthquake.
27 (Saba) - Indonesia's national disaster management agency said the death toll from floods and landslides on Sulawesi island had risen to 68.
northern province of Sulawesi, died on Thursday after being attacked
The Ministry of Tourism (MOT) of the Republic of Indonesia along with eight tour agents and tour operators from North Sulawesi and West Nusa Tenggara were recently in Davao City for a sales and promotional blitz in preparation for the upcoming Davao-Manado direct flight that Philippine Airlines plans to revive in early 2019.
Yuliarti Farry, consul for Information and Socio Cultural Affairs, told reporters on Wednesday that at least four provinces - North Sulawesi, East Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, and East Kalimantan -- located at the borders of Indonesia can initially participate in the barter trade.
1 / 7 Saudi Arabia's King Salman Humanitarian Aid And Relief Center (KSRelief) continues to distributes aid to victims of Sulawesi earthquake in Indonesia.
Muhammad Jusuf Kalla to offer strong World Bank support to the Government of Indonesia, should it be required, to supplement rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in the disaster-affected areas of Sulawesi and Lombok.